Felicity Jones reveals Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoiler

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of the most secretive productions around.

So it's a surprise to see Felicity Jones let slip a few pointed, and potentially very spoiler-riffic, plot nuggets.

In a conversation with View London , Jones refused to reveal her character's name, but did talk about her role.

"It's all quite shrouded in secrecy, but I'm the Goblin's girlfriend - I'm in a relationship with him, and his accomplice. I'm on the dark side."

Not only does this further allude to a role as the morally wonky anti-hero Black Cat, but it throws up the possibility that the Green Goblin could be played by Dane DeHaan's Harry Osborn instead of Chris Cooper's Norman Osborn.

Let the fanboy speculation begin!