Fed up of waiting for Blizzard, this Diablo 4 player took it upon themselves to make their own party finder app

Diablo 4 Sorcerer and Sorceress on Character creation menu
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A Diablo 4 player has taken it upon themselves to create their own party finder app since Blizzard is taking its time to develop its own. 

As spotted in the Diablo subreddit, one user has grown tired of struggling to find other players in Diablo 4, so has made their own party finder app. "After trying to get parties and basically playing all alone until level 70 and Blizzard is taking a while to get it done," the player's post reads, "[I] decided to make one." The app can be found here and promises to help you "find the party of your dreams."

All you need to do is provide your Battle.net Battletag, the language you're most comfortable communicating in (right now, English is the only option), your preferred party type, and the Nightmare Dungeon tier you're after. The app itself is in its early stages and as its developer explains in the post, it needs people for matchmaking to work since it's "all dependent on visibility and user amount" - it's definitely worth a try if you're still struggling to find party members. 

Other Diablo 4 players have left suggestions for the app's creator in the comments of the Reddit post, proposing other features like a location option, the choice of whether you want to play via cross-play or not, and the ability to select if you're playing in Hardcore or Softcore mode. To which the developer of the app has said: "More options are coming if the party finder catches on."

An official party finder system has been a popular request for Diablo 4 for a while now. On the Blizzard side of things, Diablo 4's game director previously revealed that they're open to a party finder system, saying "it's certainly something that we'll consider" when we asked about it back before Diablo 4's release. 

This doesn't really give us a firm answer as to if and when we should expect one from Blizzard, but at least we know the developer is aware of the idea and could choose to release their own party-finder app of some kind in the future. 

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