This Diablo 4 World Boss got obliterated in 15 seconds

Diablo 4
(Image credit: Blizzard)

A Diablo 4 player has decimated a World Boss in 15 seconds flat.

In the absolute frenzy that is the fight in the video just below, one player managed to straight-up flatten the Wandering Death, Death Given Life World Boss in right around 15 seconds. Hell, the video is so brief and so action-packed that it's hard to even tell who's dealing the damage that sends the boss packing.

Someone melted a World Boss in 15 seconds from r/diablo4

However, Reddit commenters think they've worked out who's pulling their weight here. The Necromancer to the right of the World Boss is apparently our culprit here, and they're also seemingly using a Necromancer build that's gained a fair bit of notoriety since Diablo 4 launched earlier this month.

That would be a 'Bone Spear' Necromancer build. The Necromancer seen in the video above somehow manages to land seven critical hits in a row on the World Boss, which actually isn't hard at all considering they've literally got a 100% chance of landing a critical strike with every hit. 

This build is apparently the "#1 undisputed damage dealer even before patch" according to one dedicated Diablo 4 player in the comments section. If this is how quickly intimidating World Bosses that are meant to be fought by groups are falling, we don't want to think about how rapidly any lesser enemies are toppling over like twigs. 

Elsewhere in impressive feats, a Diablo 4 player uncovered the second Unique item, a supremely rare item of which there are only six in the entire massive game. 

Check out our Diablo 4 respec guide if you're playing a Necromancer and feel like rebuilding your entire character around this absolute beastly build (hey, we can't blame you).

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