Vin Diesel suggests two-part Fast & Furious finale is now a trilogy

Fast X
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As far as we knew, Fast 10 marked the beginning of the end for the franchise, with just one more movie planned after this. However, it now seems that a lot more crazy car stunts and family BBQs are on the way after star Vin Diesel seemingly confirmed Fast & Furious 12. 

He shared the tidbit on the red carpet of the movie’s Rome premiere when he was asked by Fandango’s Naz Perez about his future as Dominic Toretto. "It’s a really good question,"  Diesel teased. "As filmmakers though, you want to allow people to enjoy the film without tipping the hat too much. I can say this: going into making this movie, the studio had asked if this could be a two-parter, and after the studio saw this and when they saw part one, they said, 'Could we make Fast X the finale, a trilogy?'"

Letty star Michelle Rodriguez added, "It’s three acts in any story," before Perez questioned if they were confirming a third movie. Diesel teased that they were going to "get in trouble" as the pair ran off down the red carpet. Watch the full video below.

Of course, the news has yet to be officially confirmed by the studio, and they’ll likely be keeping an eye on the film’s box office after it releases on May 19. In the meantime, we have heard a bit more about the 11th Fast & Furious movie, which is due out in 2025.

Fast 10 director Louis Leterrier is returning in the director’s chair for part two. Speaking to Total Film in our big cover feature on the latest installment, Leterrier shared that the stakes were high going into the movie.

"That’s the beauty of arriving near the end of this franchise: I don’t have to go, 'Oh, well, these characters will live forever,'" he said. "No. They might not, because it’s the end. Only in Westerns do cowboys gallop out into the sunset. This is definitely different. It allowed me some freedom to raise the stakes even more than they’ve been raised before."

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