See just how big Far Cry Primal's map really is

Far Cry Primal won't give you a gyrocopter to ride around on, which might lead you to suspect the map will be less expansive than in Far Cry 4 (unless you still hope that Far Cry Primal is hiding dinosaurs somewhere in its stone-age setting, in which case you could ride a pteranodon*). Anachronistic modes of transportation aside, it turns out the map is still plenty big. See for yourself in our mock-up:

GR+'s James Jarvis and Leon Hurley tightened the chin straps on their floppy anthropologist hats and peered deep into our recently captured Far Cry Primal gameplay footage to arrive at this conclusion. Observe their methods below:

Still plenty of pre-historic real estate to explore on the back of your trusted giant cat, then. You can even watch a small chunk of it roll by in our hiking tour of Far Cry Primal, or observe our pathetic attempt to humongous wooly mammoth. I'm detecting an "everything is much bigger and slightly hungrier than you" theme. We'll see if these observations bear out when Ubisoft releases Far Cry Primal on February 23.

* Yes, I know pteranodons aren't technically dinosaurs.

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