Far Cry 6 trailer interviews a dictator and sparks a revolution

A new Far Cry 6 (opens in new tab) trailer from Ubisoft took center stage at Gamescom Opening Night Live, showing two sides of the central story: the ruthless dictator and the revolutionaries who seek to depose him.

The trailer begins with an international journalist interviewing Anton Castillo, the Yaran ruler portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito - while he's poised and driven, it doesn't take long for his usual menace to creep in. Then we meet several members of the revolution opposing his rule, including our very own protagonist Dani Rojas, and cap it all off with - what else - just the sort of high-flying, explosive battles that fans have come to expect from the Far Cry series.

Far Cry 6 enmeshes players in the political strife of Yara, an island nation in Castillo's crushing grip. His authoritarian rule is challenged by a growing revolution, with main character Rojas at the center. The trick is that the dictator's son Diego doesn't seem to be entirely on board with the regime either; while that could be a ready source of division for the revolution to exploit, it also means Anton is ready to bring down hell on anybody who comes between him and his boy.

Far Cry 6 was originally set to be released in February 2021, however pandemic-related issues have seen it pushed back a handful of times. It's now set to be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Stadia on October 7.

Once it arrives later this year, hopefully Far Cry 6 will earn a high place in our list of the best Far Cry games.

Connor Sheridan

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