Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

There's plenty of super villain fodder to slap your way through in the shape of the evil Skrulls - a shape shifting alien race who first appeared in the second issue of the F4 comic series. There's even a gargantuan variation, so big that it fills the screen and has all the powers of our heroic quartet. Unfortunately for this monster a quick combination of skills can kick its ass - if, indeed, it has something resembling one - such as using Susan's force-bubble to contain it and getting Johnny to create a furnace from hell by filling it up with flames.

Although not confirmed as of yet, Visual Concepts are set to make use of PS3's tilt technology. Using the Sixaxis you'll be able to fly through the air with the Human Torch by tilting the pad in the desired direction. It's a bit like flying a jet-fighter that's burning to bits as you throw fireballs at locked on targets while swirling around to avoid being shot out of the air. If they don't get this working properly in time, you'll just have to use the analogue sticks instead. Boo.

Sadly we're not hot like the Human Torch for this right now, and we'll reserve judgment until we get extensive hands-on time with this foursome soon.

Nathan Irvine
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