Fantastic ALL YOUR BASE reference found in Mafia II

How are you gentlemen? Often times in open-world games, an NPC can make your day. Such is the case with this chatty mental case we encountered while wandering a prison yard inMafia II. At first, this ambient lunatic may appear incoherent, but approach slowly and you canclearly make out exactly what he’s saying… Ten-year-old internet meme is GO!

Yep, he’s clearly reciting, verbatim, Catz’s timeless ALL YOUR BASE speech from the opening of Zero Wing... a Genesis game that came out some fifty years after the events of Mafia II OMFG! Whatever. Funny shit, conspiracy theories aside. Oh, if you find him in the game, just remember not to talk to him or he’ll run away and you’ll never get to hearpoorly translated Engrish turned into a mid 20th centuryjailhouse manifesto.

Above: Nice job, 2K

Aug 25, 2010