Fans predict Last of Us 2 multiplayer beta is coming, as more details surface around PlayStation's upcoming gameplay event

(Image credit: Sony)

In anticipation of its big media event next week, more details are surfacing about The Last of Us 2 that are getting PlayStation fans practically giddy over the possibilities of finally seeing more from Naughty Dog's much anticipated sequel. 

For one thing, we now know that press at the event on September 24 in Los Angeles will be getting around three hours of hands-on time with The Last of Us 2, suggesting the game is in a healthy state, and close to the end of its development. 

In addition, Sony has confirmed that the game will be present and playable at the PlayStation Booth during Madrid Games Week in Spain from October 3 - 6, with "different experiences" available for both The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding during the fan-focused expo next month. 

Given the extent of gameplay time that press are being given next week, in addition to this Madrid Games Week reveal, fans are already predicting that The Last of Us 2's confirmed multiplayer mode will be a big part of this publicity tour, as Naughty Dog has already confirmed the original game's Factions PvP mode will be returning for this sequel. Some are even anticipating the announcement of a public beta on PS4. 

An industry insider has also teased that, on top of all this, another PlayStation event is happening this month, presumably not long after The Last of Us 2's own showcase in LA, adding further momentum to the whirlwind of PS5 rumours still doing the rounds. In short, PlayStation fans ought to keep their eyes and ears firmly to the ground (a.k.a. their internet browser) for the next three weeks or so. 

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