Expect more than just The Last of Us 2 news from PlayStation this month, industry insider reports

(Image credit: Sony)

Earlier this week, we finally got the good news we've all been waiting for. Naughty Dog and PlayStation are finally ready to reveal more about The Last of Us 2, the sequel to its 2013 masterpiece and one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusives of this generation. 

A Last of Us 2 media event is taking place on Tuesday, September 24, in just under two weeks time, and fans are already anticipating new gameplay, story details, and a potential launch date for the upcoming PS4 game, alongside potential hints of a PS5 release too. 

According to industry insider Daniel Ahmad (more famously known as ZhugEX on Twitter), however, The Last of Us 2 event isn't the only PlayStation meeting happening that week, suggesting that Sony is going big for September with more news about its upcoming gaming calendar. 

Ahmad, who has accurately leaked information about PlayStation in the past, teased the existence of a second event on ResetEra, stating that The Last of Us 2 showcase "isn't the only Sony event [taking place] that week." 

Could this be the rumoured PS5 reveal event that we've already heard whispers about, or something completely different? If The Last of Us 2 does end up as a cross-gen title for both PS4 and its successor, it might make sense for Sony to officially announce the console in the same week as the game's big event. In any case, we'll know the full details (and more) by September 24, so stay tuned. 

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