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Falling Skies Noah Wyle On An SF Learning Curve

The former ER star reckons that the Spielberg-produced alien invasion series is the most physically demanding role he’s ever had, and that he‘s scared of the boss

Noah Wyle reckons that being on his first ever SF project, the Steven Spielberg-produced TV series Falling Skies , has been a steep learning curve.

Talking to TV Guide , he says of the new alien invasion show, “This was the most physically demanding work I’ve ever done in my life. ER had an element of politics and had an emotional element to it, but didn’t really have an element of physicality to it like Falling Skies . So I thought it was a good challenge as I enter my 40th year. The clock is ticking on how long I can do this sort of thing. I’ve never really done anything remotely near the science-fiction drama, so there’s a learning curve to it. The element of specificity and detail has to be so closely paid attention to. As soon as you unravel that line of plausibility, once you part from this being a true ‘What if?’ scenario, it's like a house of cards that comes tumbling down.”

He also reveals that he’s still intimidated by meeting Steven Spielberg: “I couldn’t say a word. My hands were sweaty. Luckily, he kind of ignored me. In fact he totally ignored me. I still am incredibly intimidated to be around him, to be honest.”

That’s what we need from an action hero…