Fall Guys second season has a release date and double Fame starts on Monday

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The release date for the second season of Fall Guys has been revealed, and it's only two days later than we expected.

Developer Mediatonic confirmed the release date on Fall Guys' official Twitter account: season 1 will end on Thursday, October 8, and the next season will pick up immediately after.

If you still have a lot of ranks to catch up on season 1, it will be the perfect time to get busy. Mediatonic also announced that it's kicking off a double Fame Point event from Monday until the end of the season. That should help you sweep up those leftover unlocks nice and quick.

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Fall Guys season 2 will bring in new levels and costumes with a medieval fantasy theme. While it isn't explicitly themed around Halloween - it's going to outlast Halloween, much as I wish the spooky season would last forever - it will give you the opportunity to dress up as a witch or wizard. It will also open up new customization options in the form of nameplates and titles, so you can put a crown next to your name even if you never win any yourself. Or if I never win any myself. I'm talking about me here.

If Mediatonic sticks to roughly three-month seasons, that means we can expect the next one to debut just in time for the holidays in early December. I don't know about you, but I feel very ready to get thwacked halfway across a map by a giant swinging candy cane.

Did you know that Fall Guys are six feet tall, always happy, and have extremely freaky guts? 

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