Fall Guys Season 5 is jungle-themed and launches on July 20

Fall Guys
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Fall Guys Season 5 is heading to the jungle tomorrow on July 20.

As you can see in the brand new cinematic trailer for Fall Guys just below, the forthcoming Season 5 update is going to be transporting players to a brand new location: the jungle. The new Season 5 update will be going live for Fall Guys players on all platforms tomorrow on July 20.

Within this brand new Season 5 update for Fall Guys are some new courses, modes, and more. In a gameplay trailer published on the official Fall Guys Twitter account earlier today, we got a new look at some of the upcoming jungle-themed courses that players will have to navigate when the new update hits tomorrow, including scenarios where players are dodging frogs, rhinos, and more colorful creatures.

Additionally, there's a brand new battle pass-type reward system to unlock and level up, as seasoned Fall Guys players have no doubt come to expect by now with a new seasonal update. You can catch a sneak peek of some of the new cosmetic items on offer in the battle pass in the tweet just below, where the jungle theme particularly comes to fruition through a bounty of new clothing items for the beans.

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The new season arrives off the back of a futuristic Season 4 update for Fall Guys. The aforementioned season launched back in February 2021, transporting the beans to the future with a retro 80s-inspired theme, complete with suitably over-the-top outfits and visuals for brand new cosmetics and courses.

Fall Guys has been quite the success story for developer Mediatonic since it first launched last year in 2020. The chaotic co-op game was available on day one through the PlayStation Plus subscription service, leading to overnight success as millions upon millions worldwide downloaded Mediatonic's latest foray. As of now in July 2021, Fall Guys is now available on every major platform, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch. Epic Games might have purchased Mediatonic earlier this year in March, but that doesn't mean Fall Guys is being taken off Steam in favor of the Epic Games Store.

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