Fall Guys mini-game Slime Climb has been remade in Rocket League

(Image credit: Psyonix/Lethamyr)

Professional Rocket League player Lethamyr is apparently a big fan of Fall Guys, as he's taken the time to meticulously recreate the Slime Climb mini-game in Psyonix' soccer game.

As you'll see below, Lethamyr's Slime Climb remake is still a work-in-progress, with plans to add moving platforms and obstacles as well as tumbling Rocket League soccer balls. The final version also won't have Rocket League's boost option enabled so there's more of a Fall Guys-like challenge.

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Lethamyr used Blender to model the environments and UDK (Unreal Development Kit) to build and import the Rocket League Workshop map. He's still unsure how everything will come together in the end, like the slippery floors and spinning hammers, but he says the next update should have the moving platforms in working order.

It seems like the project is moving at an efficient pace, as it was only a week ago that Lethamyr first revealed the project in its very early stages on Twitter. We don't yet have specifics on an update schedule or release timing, but Lethamyr says he hopes to give us an update "quite soon."

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The developer did a great job scaling the Rocket League cars so that 60 players could conceivably traverse the map at one time, albeit with at least the same level of casualties in a typical Fall Guys round. Regardless, it's definitely a project we'll be keeping an eye on for further updates.

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