Fall Guys Disney collab brings The Jungle Book skins

The Jungle Book is coming to Fall Guys for a surprise Disney collaboration. 

Developer Mediatonic announced The Jungle Book festivities during today's Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live kickoff. Things will roll out in stages during the King Louie event running from September 3 through September 12. Here are all the skins coming to the bean-filled battle royale, and when you can get them:

  • Mowgli: September 3 - 6
  • Shere Khan: September 7 - 9
  • Baloo: September 10 - 12 

On top of these three character skins, a King Louie costume and other cosmetics, including a new name plate and a pattern based on the snake Kaa, will also be available during the event. Fortunately, King Louie's apparently offering some limited-time challenges that'll help you rack up points to purchase these cosmetics as well as the other – sorry, I had to fit this in somewhere – bear necessities. Here's the point breakdown on those collectibles:

  • King Louie costume (lower): 800
  • King Louie costume (upper): 1100
  • Kaa pattern: 400
  • Jungle Champion nickname: 200
  • King Louie nameplate: 1400
  • Jungle Dance emote: 1700

This collaboration might seem somewhat random at first glance, but it fits right in with Fall Guys Season 5, which is distinctly jungle-themed. Season 5 is still going strong, and these Jungle Book skins will fit right in with the existing spread of tropical and mythical getups. 

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