Wyatt Russell sends out warning about "dangerous" John Walker ahead of Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale

Wyatt Russell in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
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Wyatt Russell, who plays John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, has hinted about what we might be able to expect from his character in the show's finale – and it doesn't sound good for Bucky and Sam. Warning: spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5 ahead.

After the events of episode 4, when an enraged Walker uses his shield to kill one of the Flag Smashers in front of a crowd of bystanders, he receives an 'other than honorable discharge' and is stripped of his role as Captain America. 

"He only ever knew one family – and that was the United States Military," Russell said in a recent interview with Esquire. "He cared and he fought for them and he loved it, but now they've taken it. They've used him, and he feels used, and doesn't feel understood. Everybody has now turned their back on him, which is very dangerous to do to a person like that who now has Super Soldier serum in his veins."

So what will the finale hold for Walker? Well, if the episode 5 post-credits scene is anything to go by, he's certainly up to something – the brief clip showed him hard at work making his own version of Captain America's shield, which will make him a force to be reckoned with in the series' final episode. 

In the same interview, Russell also explained that he was drawn to the role of Walker because he was an unlikeable character. "You elicit that response and it's like, Great, it's working," he said. "I'm the kind of person [where] the gray area is a place that you must live. If you don't live there, you're going to have a very difficult time in your life trying to figure out who you are, because you're limiting the kinds of questions you can ask yourself and ask others... What this character hopefully brings to people is the idea that there's a gray area in him – and that in life, there's gray area all around us every day."

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