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Falcon and The Winter Soldier merch seemingly confirms returning MCU character is now a wanted criminal

Falcon Winter Soldier
(Image credit: Disney/Marvel Studios)

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is heading to Disney Plus next year with a Helicarrier’s worth of mysteries it needs to solve. Why is a Marvel villain teaming up with Bucky? Who is really the next Captain America? And – how about one more – why is a returning MCU character on the run as a wanted criminal?

That last one comes courtesy of some merchandise that has appeared in the wild, spotted by the BRMarvelNews Twitter account (via Comic Book Movie).

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Among the handful of keychains and notebooks on offer are a few sneaky story details, by the looks of things. One sticker shows a hooded Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp, returning for the first time since Captain America: Civil War) with a ‘WANTED’ tag over her eyes.

Someone, it seems, has been a bit naughty. That could all tie in with what appears to be newcomer Wyatt Russell taking over the Captain America mantle as John Walker. If Sharon Carter, niece of Peggy, is upset about that it could put her in the sights of the powers-that-be.

Another minor story hint – and one that’s becoming abundantly clear as the main driving force of the Disney Plus series – is the fight over the Captain America name. Sam Wilson may have a new suit, but he might not possess the shield.

Several pieces of Falcon and The Winter Soldier merchandise come emblazoned with “Who will wield the shield?” The fight is most definitely on for the titleholder of America’s Ass and, less importantly, Captain America. But only one has a wanted criminal backing them up.

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