Fae Farm, an adorable Stardew Valley-style Switch exclusive, gets September release date and PC port

Fae Farm
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UPDATE: As announced during Summer Game Fest 2023 today, Fae Farm is set to release on Nintendo Switch and PC on September 8, 2023, after leaking before the showcase.  

You can watch the farming sim's latest trailer below.

ORIGINAL: Fae Farm, the cute and charming farming sim from the developers behind Dauntless, is now launching on Nintendo Switch as well as PC on September 8, according to a credible new leak.

The official website for Fae Farm still says it's coming sometime in late 2023 "exclusively to Nintendo Switch," but noted leaker billbil-kun said in a new tweet that it "will be released on PC too." Gematsu also noted in a reply that the ESRB has already rated the game for PC, all but confirming that the game is indeed launching on Windows as well as Switch.

The leaker said an official announcement is coming during Summer Game Fest 2023, so we should see that before the end of the day. Hopefully we'll also get a new trailer with some fresh gameplay showing off the 1-4 player co-op.

If this is the first you're hearing of Fae Farm, you can check out the adorable reveal trailer here. The farming sim RPG hybrid takes place in the enchanting land of Azoria, which is as peaceful and lovely as it is dangerous. Your job as an Azorian is two-fold: restore peace to your home and cultivate the land to provide for its inhabitants.

Fae Farm is clearly inspired by Stardew Valley, but I'm interested to see how the Dauntless developers implement the "drop-in, drop-out" online and local co-op. Making co-op dungeons compelling is one thing, but finding ways to keep four players occupied during the more chilled-out parts of the game is another.

While we wait for Fae Farm, here are some games like Stardew Valley you can play today.

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