Fae Farm is a Stardew Valley-like from Dauntless devs

Fae Farm
(Image credit: Phoenix Labs)

The Dauntless developers are working on a cosy co-op farming simulator called Fae Farm.

Announced just earlier today at the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, Fae Farm's debut trailer shows players combining to develop and expand their own farm. The new game places a big focus on "drop-in, drop-out" online and local co-op, so you and others can go adventuring around or farming together whenever.

Fae Farm puts players in the world of Azoria, tasking them with restoring peace to the world on top of maintaining their farm. No big deal. The game, therefore, has you venturing out on quests to keep the peace, delving into all sorts of dungeons with your friends in tow for combat encounters with humans and monsters alike.

You'll then take the resources you accrue through exploring and completing quests, and put them to use back on your farm. Yes, this sure does sound like Stardew Valley from the jump, but it'll be interesting to see how the development team behind the monster-hunting Dauntless bring their co-op expertise to bear. 

"With Fae Farm we wanted to take our favourite elements of the sim genres we love, infuse them with magic and beautiful art, and wrap everything in a light-hearted cooperative experience," says Fae Farm creative director Katie De Sousa. 

Right now, Fae Farm looks set to be an exclusive launch on the Nintendo Switch when it arrives. Developer Phoenix Labs has pencilled in a Q2 2023 launch for the new adventure game, meaning it'll arrive at some point between April and June next year. 

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Hirun Cryer

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