Exclusive promo code can save you over $100 on brand new AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Pro

AndaSeat's Kaiser 3 Pro gaming chair next to a big savings stamp. In the corner there's a red ring around an image of the chair's 5D armrest
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AndaSeat is up there with the likes of Secretlab when it comes to gaming chairs. It produces comfortable seats that are available in a slew of designs and colors, but you can get them for a fraction of the price of the premium brands. 

As it happens, the AndaSeat Kaiser 3, which we awarded with three and a half stars when we reviewed it, has a new model on the shelves. The Kaiser 3 Pro is almost exactly identical to the regular and XL models, but it sports new 5D armrests that provide the seat with more quality of life.

It's rare we see discounts on brand-new gaming chairs, but AndaSeat holds sales events on its store pretty regularly. Right now, for example, you can use the exclusive promotional code " AndaGR ", to get 10% off. The Kaiser 3 Pro seems to be in a launch sale anyway, but with that promotional code, you bring it down from $499 to $395 at AndaSeat.

The even better news is that if you're keen on another AndaSeat product, the code applies site-wide. If you're not up for spending that much on one of the best gaming chair contenders, you could go for the cheaper Phantom 3 Series which is only $279.99 before applying the code.

We haven't tested the new armrests on the Kaiser 3 Pro for ourselves yet, but when our Editor-in-Chief tried out the Kaiser 3 again last year, she was very impressed with it and still uses it for work and gaming every day.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Pro| $499.99 $395.99 at AndaSeat
Save $104 -

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Pro | $499.99 $395.99 at AndaSeat
Save $104 - An initial launch sale brings this premium gaming chair down to $439, but our exclusive promo code you'll find below will take you the rest of the way to this saving. Pretty great that AndaSeat would price this new Pro model at the same rate as the regular Kaiser 3 - a lot of other brands would use a tiny feature discrepancy as an excuse to charge more.

Promo Code: " AndaGR "

Should you buy an AndaSeat gaming chair?

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 gaming chair review

(Image credit: AndaSeat)

AndaSeat is one of the mainstays of the gaming chair market. Personally, as someone who reviews them for a living and covers the best cheap gaming chair deals each week, they're one of the best value brands out there. They blur the line between competitive pricing and genuine quality, and you'd be surprised how difficult that is to do in this space.

Admittedly, my favorite gaming chair brand has to be Boulies, because it does a similar thing while undercutting a lot of rivals. AndaSeat, however, does offer some fantastic designs and color choices, which a lot of its competitors fail at. The Kaiser 3 alone is available in Black, Orange, Brown, Maroon, White, Pink, and Baby Blue. It's not that common outside expensive Secretlab chairs that you find a gaming seat that appears on our best pink gaming chair and contends for a spot on our main list. 

The other big plus when buying from AndaSeat is that you get frequent discounts, like the promotion we detailed above. 

If you're on the hunt for more gaming chairs, we've used our price comparison software down below to bring you the best deals on our favorite models in the window below. 

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