Does the Evil Dead game have crossplay?

Evil Dead: The Game
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Doe the Evil Dead game have crossplay? Yes it does! With a big multiplayer focus, the game's vastly improved by being cross-platform. It's also a relatively easy to system to use, allowing you to play with friends without too much issue. We'll cover all the basics of the Evil Dead game crossplay and cross-platform features below, for those who want to slaughter deadites across consoles.

Will the Evil Dead game have crossplay and cross-platform support?

Yes, it does! Evil Dead: The Game does indeed support full crossplay and cross-platform compatibility at launch, as announced in the official Tweet shown above. There's even an option in the settings to turn it off, assuming you don't want to go up against players with the advantage/disadvantage of different controllers or just want more power over who you team with.

As a rule, the crossplay feature simply means that any random matchmade game could be with any other player on any console or platform. There's also the option to add friends across by going into the "Social" menu and searching for their username on their respective platform. Even if you're on PS5 and search for somebody's Epic Games or Xbox username, it should come up, along with a simple icon showing what platform they're playing it on.

As for the best console/platform to play it on… well, that's hard to say right now. Without seeing how the game runs on different platforms it's impossible to know which provides the best experience, though as with many games that make use of accuracy, mouse and keyboard traditionally provide more pinpoint power. We've also seen that while the game is intended to come to Nintendo Switch, it's not clear when that'll be, with the official site simply stating that it is "coming soon."

Of course, maybe you don't want to do the social/co-op/multiplayer thing, and are more interested in knowing whether there's an Evil Dead game single player option? We've got all the available information on that and what kind of story campaign features it has listed at the linked page.

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