Evidence points to a fully playable version of a lost Bloodborne PC build

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Where is Bloodborne’s PC port? Well, we now have some fresh evidence that developer FromSoftware can run the full retail version of the game on PC. 

Well-known Souls dataminer Lance McDonald shared the new discovery on his Twitter account earlier today. Screenshots from the Bloodborne wiki page, specifically the ones showing off the oil urns, were contributed by FromSoftware’s environment artist Marcos Domenech. McDonald says these screenshots are from the game’s “windows build” and the images get even more interesting when you realise they’re from Bloodborne’s full retail release, rather than the early “project beast” era of development. The difference is easy to spot thanks to the loading icon in the corner of the image. 

McDonald points out that the screenshots are from Bloodborne's DLC area called Fishing Hamlet, which means the artist likely has a functional PC build of the entire game, plus all of its post-launch content. The images were uploaded several years ago, however, so they’re probably not meant to tease anything specifically. Although, the discovery is still worth paying attention to since it indicates that developers have the entire game running properly on their PC rigs. Bloodborne PC is somewhere out there, and there‘s the constant hope that it could show up at next week's PlayStation Showcase.

Fromsoftware’s gothic adventure first released in 2014 as a PS4 exclusive and it's been strangely stuck on that console ever since. Several other former Sony exclusives have made their way over to PC including God Of War, Uncharted, Spider-Man, and most recently, The Last Of Us Part 1, meaning the publisher is open to bringing their older games to new platforms. A recent rumour even suggested that Horizon Zero Dawn could receive the remaster treatment, prompting Bloodborne fans to react with disappointment and bewilderment.

While Bloodborne proper might not be officially playable on PC, a Bloodborne PS1 demake is. Check it out - it’s very cool.

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