Everything you need to know about Orphan Black so far

The kidnapping

Hot on the heels of Leekies latest lie, Sarah fires off a quick email to Rachel that reads up yours, pro-clone (thatll be a no to the peace treaty, then) and heads back to Mrs. Ss to pick up Kira. Only, theyre not there and the entire house appears to have been ransacked. Rachels evil doing? Mrs. S. deciding on an impromptu trip to Butlins? Or Proletheans?

... and thats how season 1 ended.

Season 2 starts...

With Kira gone, Sarah is an understandable mess and puts the blame squarely on Rachel. Why not? Shes a meanie! Dressing up like Cosima, who is now working at Dyad full time, Sarah infiltrates one of their galas and attacks Rachel, demanding to know where Kira is. That sly seductress tells her she doesnt actually have the kid.

Elsewhere a blood-stained figure with a frizzy halo of bleached hair stumbles into a hospital, claiming her seestra shot her. Thankfully Prolethean Mark is on hand (sent there by Prolethean ranch overlord Henrik) to collect her. Oh goodie, it always works out when shes in their care.

Safe return

Sarah spills the whole clone story to her former cop partner Art who helps her track down Kira, who it turns out was nuzzled away in hiding with Mrs. S. After Sarah arrives, she sneaks off with her daughter and the pair hit the road with Fee while avoiding a gallery of pursuers hot on their tail.

The trio hole up in a supposedly random house, which turns out to be the homestead of Kiras dad and Sarahs former beau Cal. Fee scarpers and Sarah is abducted by one of Rachels lackeys, leaving the youngster in the care of her newly-discovered father. Bit of a crash course for the little one.

LEDA revelations

With her own lab at Dyad, Cosima manages to find out more about her worsening respiratory illness which presented at the end of season one. After uncovering a glut of footage of another clone, 28-year old swim coach Jennifer Fitzsimmons, it turns out she eventually died of the same disease, which is thought to be one of the side effects of their synthetic creation.

Cosime and Delphine then discover that Rachel Duncans parents were in fact two of six LEDA scientists killed in a mysterious fire, Susan and Ethan Duncan. The plot thickeneth...

Road trip

After another bloody skirmish, Helena flees the Prolethean compound and turns up to rescue Sarah whos being held captive at Rachels apartment by one of her goons. The siblings then hit the road to track down the LEDA creators. This is the first time the sisters begin to bond, despite their continued efforts to kill each other.

It all ends horribly with Helena being snaffled away by the Proletheans AGAIN. After stealing her eggs, their leader Henrik inseminates one of the sects youngsters Gracie with the embryonic mixture of both his and Helenas genetic material... then errs on the side of caution and inseminates Helena with another identical embryo.

All the insemination joy doesnt last for long as Helena does what she normally does - brings down a reign of destruction - allowing for Gracie and Mark to flee the confines of the Prolethean compound.

Introducing Ethan Duncan

Despite word to the contrary, Rachels father is indeed still alive and introduced to Sarah when she returns to visit Mrs. S. Along with his wife Susan he created the LEDA project for the military in the seventies, and togther they formed one of many implantation teams who designed the original clones. As he relays the truth its revealed that Leekie, while undoubtably an evil bastard, is actually far more vitriolic - he killed Rachels mother.

Mrs. S. reunites Rachel with her father, who explains that Sarahs capacity to bear children was a mistake - they were barren by design. Kinda makes you wonder what other glitches may surface later on, eh?

Donnies awakening

Finally, after on-again, off-again doubt Alison bishes that her husband Donnie is her monitor. In an effort to gauge his response, she introduces her spouse to Sarah, hoping to spark a bout of truth-telling. Judging by the flabbergasted look on Donnies face, he really has no idea about the specifics of the experiment.

He tracks down Dr. Leekie, who tries to fob him off, but he wont stop until hes given answers about his work, the experiment... the whole shebang. Their frenzied discussion ends when Donnie accidentally shoots Leekie. Thatll be that then.

Introducing Tony

Still when one door closes, another opens. And so another clone called Tony arrives on Sarahs (well, its technically Fees flat) doorstep after one of his friends was murdered by Dyads assassins. His appearance is all-too-brief, but Fawcett has hinted at his return in season 3.

Kira to the rescue

Cosimas condition rapidly deteriorates as shes discovered on the floor vomiting blood. The previous rounds of treatment - which shes no longer receiving - were revealed to be so effective because they originated from material taken from Kiras teeth.

After Sarah lets her daughter make the decision for herself, Kira offers to undergo surgery to harvest her bone marrow. During her convalescence, Rachel - dressed as Sarah - sneaks in and abducts her, keeping her trapped on the Dyad premises. Typical.

Rachel gets her comeuppance

Sarah surrenders herself to Dyad with the hopes of freeing her daughter but winds up imprisoned along with Ethan. He chooses to kill himself rather than reveal the secrets of his lifes work - the code key to the girls genetic identities - which results in a pretty harrowing scream from Rachel. She shouldnt have locked him up then.

Luckily for Sarah her clone sestras concoct a plan to help her escape. Luckily for us it involves getting to see Rachel stabbed in the eye with a pencil. RESULT!

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