Everything announced at the THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase

Destroy All Humans 2 - Reprobed
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The THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary Showcase just resurrected no less than three long-dormant cult favorite franchises, and we have all of the announcements right here.

THQ Nordic has been quietly collecting the rights to beloved games and cultivating newer franchises since 2011, and it showed off a bumper crop of new games in its first digital showcase. We have six all-new titles to look forward to, as well as updates on two previously announced games - so without further ado, let's get into the announcements.

Destroy All Humans 2 - Reprobed

The natural next step after remaking Destroy All Humans last year? Destroy All Humans 2 - Reprobed, obviously. Krypto returns to wreak havoc across fully overhauled stages, featuring weapons reworked to create more interesting options for inflicting chaos on foot, and improved building destruction when beaming down your flying saucer's death ray. It's coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X some time in 2022.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

Follow SpongeBob and Patrick on a new adventure into strange new worlds populated by wondrous sights as well as their missing friends from Bikini Bottom. It's in the works at Purple Lamp Games, the same studio behind Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, and it's coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Outcast 2 - A New Beginning

The cult classic, pre-GTA-3 open-world game returns for a sequel over two decades after its 1999 debut (for real this time, since Outcast had a canceled sequel once before). Explore a new region of the alien planet of Adelpha and help its native inhabitants cast off their robot invaders in third-person combat featuring a powered-up jetpack and holo-shield.

Jagged Alliance 3

No, this isn't the first time the venerated tactics series has come back since Jagged Alliance 2 left players wanting more in 1999, but hopefully this will be the one to get it right. Tropico and Surviving Mars developer Haemimont Games is leading the charge as it brings some familiar mercenary faces (as well as some new ones) to a new region full of strategic opportunities, only on PC.

SuperPower 3

The grand strategy game of geopolitics in the pursuit of world peace or (global domination) returns in SuperPower 3, a PC-exclusive follow-up to 2004's SuperPower 2. Naturally, things have changed a bit for both video games and the world since then, so we'll have to wait and see how the developers tackle it.

MX vs ATV Legends

Offroad racing comes to the new generation of consoles with more options for players to carve their own path to greatness, including a new Trails mode that "pits you against nature like never before." It's headed to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, with no release window currently given.

Elex 2

The latest trailer for the sequel to the science-fantasy, open-world adventure shows what happens when you ignore the big picture to focus on factional struggles: you get big, hungry aliens.

Expeditions: Rome 

Take your most in-depth look yet at Expeditions: Rome, a new CRPG that drops you in a Roman legion. Make the most of your small yet well-trained forces in turn-based combat as you work your way to the top of the ranks.

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