eUnited win final Call of Duty World Championship in dominant fashion

COD Champs 2019
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This past weekend saw the last ever Call of Duty World Championship as we know it, before the scene shfits to a franchising model next year for Modern Warfare. Despite the crowd chanting loud and clear for both OpTic Gaming and 100 Thieves, eUnited - led by James "Clayster" Eubanks - are the COD Champs winners on Black Ops 4, eliminating numerous top teams along the way.

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eUnited never looked like faltering throughout the entire weekend. They kicked off proceedings during pool play by going 3-0, only dropping two maps throughout, followed by four consecutive wins in the Winners Bracket over Team WaR, Evil Geniuses, Units, and OpTic Gaming. The only time they came close to faltering was against Evil Geniuses when they went 2-1 down, but brought it back on the final two maps.

Despite OpTic Gaming being the most successful Call of Duty team of all time, eUnited were the favourites going into their Winners Bracket Final match and even though they were picked apart on the first Hardpoint, they regained composure and won the next three maps to knock OpTic down to the Losers Bracket Final to face off against 100 Thieves - the organisation owned by Matt "Nadeshot" Haag, an ex-OpTic Gaming legend.

100 Thieves stormed through OpTic Gaming after the Green Wall couldn't turn their fortunes around, defeating them 3-0 to set up a date with eUnited in the Grand Final. Seaside Hardpoint was the first map and despite overturning OpTic in such a dominant fashion, they folded against eUnited, only managing 126 points to eU's 250.

Search & Destroy was a different beast entirely, as 100 Thieves managed a confident 6-3 victory, followed by a 3-1 victory in Control. eUnited came back on the second Hardpoint however, winning 250-219, then eUnited closed out the final Search & Destroy 6-4.


eUnited's success at the 2019 Call of Duty World Championship was undoubtedly a team effort with every player performing out of their skin, but a special mention must go to Chris "Simp" Lehr. The 18-year-old had numerous stand-out moments throughout the tournament, including a 14-1 Search & Destroy match against Units. He deservedly earned the MVP award at the end of the tournament, putting himself among only the most elite of players over the years.

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