ESRB ratings for GTA3 and Vice City suggest imminent PS3 releases. But where's San Andreas?

Two ratings have sprung up on the ESRB ratings site which suggest PS2 crime-spree classics Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City are heading to PS3. Similar listings appeared in January, but were subsequently removed. Their reappearance over the weekend suggests we are almost certainly going to get some retro Rockstar action on PS3 soon in preparation for the arrival of GTAV.

Above: We remember when this screenshot looked too good to be true. But we don't remember the PS3 being in there. Probably cos we just 'shopped it in...

They've both been rated 'M' for Mature again, of course. The world hasn't become that desensitised in the last decade. But the listings do raise a couple of questions. Firstly, are these appearing as PS2 Classics (most likely) or as HD re-releases? We'd say an HD pack is unlikely because the ESRB listings would feature 'HD' in the title:

The other question is: Where's GTA San Andreas? You can't have these two without PS2's finest hour. And we'll send 8-Ball round to visit the car of anyone who says otherwise.

Sources: ESRB via igogaming

Justin Towell

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