Epic Street Fighter 15-disc box set announced

The image you see at the bottom of this article is of Capcom'snewly announcedStreet Fighter box set, and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Whereas film fans constantly get box-sets of their favorite series, it's relatively rare for video games despite our many famous franchises.

But what exactly is in this set, other than a lot of discs and a certificate of authenticity? Quite a bit. For starters, you've got the obvious: a bunch of Street Fighter games: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Street Fighter X Tekken. Downloadable content will also be included for SFIV Arcade and SFxT.

However, that's not even half of what's in here. The set also includes three movies (a documentary and two anime features,) the full SF animated series, and a boatload of music. It also comes with a rather fancy velvet box, a light-up Ryu statue, a hardcover art book, and a replica of Ryu's belt.

The only disappointment in this set is that it's not complete. It's more of a retail package than a celebration of Street Fighter. We would have liked to see multiple iterations of each game so fans can see how it evolved over time. The biggest ommission is the original Street Fighter. Granted, it's pretty terrible by modern standards, but it's endlessly educational to see where games came from. Especially given that Street Fighter 1 was one of the pioneers of the fighting genre.

The set will be available September 18, and will retail for $149.99.

Andrew Groen

Andrew is a freelance video game journalist, writing for sites like Wired and GamesRadar. Andrew has also written a book called EMPIRES OF EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online.