Epic says Fortnite's new boob physics are 'unintended' and will be removed soon

Fortnite season 6 (opens in new tab) is now live. It's added collectible pets, custom music packs, some surprising map changes, and a new line of skins to chase. One of those skins is a neat werewolf (opens in new tab) that evolves as you earn more experience. Then there's Calamity, a cowgirl who's already gotten the attention of the Fortnite community - but not for the reason you'd expect. Players couldn't help but notice that, compared to the other women in Fortnite, Calamity is a bit, uh, shakier, as Twitch streamer Agony (opens in new tab) pointed out in this tweet: 

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For whatever reason, Calamity has more pronounced breast physics than other Fortnite characters. Is that a problem? Probably not, though it doesn't really fit Fortnite's art style, and I do worry it will become ammunition for misinformed parents and Fortnite naysayers. It is, however, a mistake. An Epic representative told PC Gamer (opens in new tab) that the state of Calamity's skin is "embarrassing and unintended," and that a fix will be applied "as soon as possible." So, you know, don't get too attached. 

Calamity will still be a cool character after her impending update, and I imagine most Fortnite players are too enamored with the game's new pets (opens in new tab) to pay much attention to some accidental breast physics. If you haven't heard, a whopping three good boys were added in season 6: Bonesy the dog, Scales the dragon, and Camo the chameleon. They ride in your backpack and will love you forever. 

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