Fantastic Four star Joseph Quinn hasn't reached out to Chris Evans or Michael B. Jordan: "It’s important to claim these opportunities as your own"

Fantastic Four
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Fantastic Four star Joseph Quinn hasn't reached out to former Human Torch actors Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan.

"I haven’t gotten in touch with them – maybe I should. It’s important to claim these opportunities as your own," Quinn told Men's Health. "I think they both did incredible jobs, and I’m definitely aware of how much this role means to a lot of people, and how successful they were in portraying him. I think it’s important to come at this with reverence for the people that have played it before, but an intention to make it one’s own. We’ll see."

Quinn plays Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in the upcoming movie, which officially introduces the Fantastic Four into the MCU. The cast includes Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards, Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm, Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm aka The Thing, Julia Garner as Silver Surfer, and Ralph Ineson as Galactus.

Chris Evans played Johnny Storm in 2005's Fantastic Four and 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The franchise was rebooted in 2015 with Michael B. Jordan in the role, though a sequel was subsequently canceled. (There's also that 1994 Fantastic Four movie that was never released, in which both Jay Underwood and Phillip Van Dyke played Johnny Storm.)

The Fantastic Four is out July 25, 2025. For more, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2024 and beyond, or, check out guide to all the upcoming Marvel movies and shows.

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