Netflix subscribers delight in one of the noughties' best shows being added to the platform

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Dexter is now streaming on Netflix US, and it looks like fans are already gearing up for a rewatch – though they have some pretty passionate opinions on which episodes are worth tuning back into.

The platform added the drama, which originally ran between 2006 and 2013 before returning for a ten-episode limited series in November 2021, on June 19 and announced the good news with a GIF of Erik King's character James Doakes saying, "Surprise, motherf***er" on Twitter.

In the replies, most people seemed delighted, as they shared their advice on how best to enjoy the serial killer show. Others, however, joked about how they hadn't realized it'd been removed from the online catalog in the first place.

"Note to audience: skip season 8. Can also stop after season 4. Literal worst ending of any series, including Game of Thrones but has some fantastic seasons," said someone, as another echoed: "Really solid four seasons of television right there."

"1-4 remain goated, that's not to say the others don't have really strong stuff too, among some.....shit," tweeted one more.

"Nice! Love this show. Happy it is on Netflix now. Time for another binge watch," tweeted a fourth, as a fifth said: "Such a great show! I know what I'll be rewatching. If you haven't watched the show yet I would recommend it 100%. The character development and story is fantastic. Easily a top 5-10 show of all time."

Starring Michael C. Hall in the titular role, Dexter follows Dexter Morgan, a skilled, Miami-based blood splatter expert, who was orphaned as a toddler when his mother was slaughtered by an axe-wielding madman. By night, then, Dexter "works" as a vigilante serial killer, hunting down murderers who have evaded punishment due to corruption and technicalities in the US justice system. Throughout the series, though, his morals grew murkier, as his penchant for violence took over.

Hall reprised the role almost a decade after the show's conclusion, in Dexter: New Blood, A second chapter is reportedly in development.  In January 2023, a prequel series titled Dexter: Original Sin, was announced as being in the works, with Clyde Phillips once again returning as showrunner.

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