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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Tech Orbs Guide

-Right at the start of the mission, there will be a cluster of orbs to the left of the boat.Again, this game loves putting orbs behind you right at the start.Grab them and move on.

-When you get through the darkroom, you will follow a path that leads to this intersection. Make a right and follow the path to a lone orb that you need to jump to. You can also follow the pipe up to a mask there.

-As you make your way across the arm to the far side, be sure to grab the orbs that are on the slopes on either side. When you reach the power source, and the rhino attacks, be sure to grab the few there are scattered round the area.

-Once the initial battle with the Rhino is over, you will need to give it a chase. Much like the chase with the dog, if you miss an orb, you may want to restart the checkpoint. Or otherwise go through to the end and then play the mission again so you only need to grab the remaining ones.

Chapter 12: The Dam

-For the most part, all the orbs are very straightforward for the first part of this chapter.There are some orbs that you need to grab at the rail part where the mask is.To get it, run the left hand side rail car all the way to the back wall.

-When you get to the room where the sub starts to descend, you will need to move a bridge for it.Before you do, cross to the other side of the bridge and climb the pipe there to grab a lone orb on the platform above.

-When you enter the last room with the water below, make a right and as soon as you make the turn left, hop to the wall on the right hand side to climb up.Hop across some pipes there and you will find some orbs on the catwalk there.

Chapter 13: Grand Theft

-When Pigsy separates from you, head the opposite direction you are facing and there will be a lone orb there. Hop onto the pipe against the wall to grab it.

-When you get to the third anchor point, follow the railing above Pigsy to behind the spinning gear to find a lone orb there. Simply jump down to get it on the small ledge.

-While you are at the third anchor point, you can also hop on the pipe above Pigsy and ride it down to find a few more orbs on the catwalks there as well as another lone orb right beside where Pigsy is standing.

Chapter 14: Pyramid

-Once the cannon fires the first time and you head down the blue ramp and jump inside, climb the pipe there.Once you reach the top, turn around and the catwalk there will have a load of orbs on it just waiting for you to snatch.

-After the cannon fires a second time and you exit back outside, hang a left and hop onto the pipe there. Shimmy on down to find another hidey-hole of orbs along with one of the masks if you haven’t gotten it already.

Oct 14, 2010