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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Tech Orbs Guide

- As Monkey whips out his cloud, there are a slew of orbs around the water that need to be picked up. Keep your eyes open as you zip about and give it a good once over before leaving the area to make sure you got them all.

-Once you start climbing up the bridge, before you head to the right across the wooden sign, head upwards to a red platform to find a few orbs.

-Once you and Trip are on the bridge, you will get separated. When a turret starts firing at you, head over to Trip’s side, and back track all the way to the start of the bridge to grab a few more orbs that were only accessible on her side.

-When you reach the turret, there will be some orbs between the container just under it and behind the car just ahead of where the mask is that Monkey grabs in the cutscene.

-During the battle with the dog, make sure you zip around the upper walkways to get the orbs there. There are walks ways on both sides and both will have orbs all along them.

Chapter 6: Village Approach

-Again, at the start of the mission, don’t forget to look behind you and grab the orbs there. It really should be a habit to do so by now.

-Most of the orbs for this chapter are out in the open except the next two. After Trip decides to go bananas and run away, look to the left of the building there to grab another hidey orb and as you climb up the watchtower, check the left side of it for another orb.

Chapter 7: Finding Trip

-Be sure to head up the pipe as you round the corner to go grab the orb where the mask is hanging out.

-When you enter the village area and the swarm of mechs appear, be sure to grab the orbs that are on the sides of the area. They aren’t out of the way orbs, but they can easily be forgotten when you are getting molested by mechs.

-Before heading out the door on the right side at the end of the buildings, climb up the pipe on the far wall and it will take you to the rooftops and bridges above. There are a load of goodies up here so make sure check the high ground before continuing on.

-When you get to the courtyard and another gang of mechs rush in, be sure to gather all the orbs in the area. There are plenty along the sides, along the walls and in the middle. Give the entire area a good look over before moving on to make sure you have nabbed everything.

Chapter 8: Gaining Access

-As you move along the bridge underneath towards the windmill, look to the left as you start and there will be a small platform there will an orb and a plasma cell in a small alcove. Sneaky sneaky.

-Once you reach the windmill, head around to the back of it and there is an orb near the fence that blends in rather well with the machinery behind it.

-To the right of the orb that was in front of the fence, there will be a pile of rocks. Look behind there and you will find a couple of orbs hiding back there close to the edge of the cliff. The orbs back here can go to hell. I spent forever looking for them.

Chapter 9: The Wasteland

-For the most part the orbs at the beginning of this mission are very straight forward. Once you need to use the cloud, then they start to get a little tricky. The first time you need to use it, hop on and zip around the water to find many orbs scattered about. Make a few passes to make sure you haven’t left any stragglers.

-When you reach the second cloud part, there is a large arm in the center of the area. Take out the load of mechs that are in the area and then focus on the centerpiece. When you pop both restraints off each side, the arm will tilt and reveal an orb under it. Grab it once the arm is down.

-Once you pass through the grid in the boat, you will need to get off and go for another cloud ride. Once again, be sure to scour the area completely.Go back through the grid and up the path to the left to find a minefield with more orbs scattered within it.Be sure to head to the upper levels to take out the turrets and to grab some more orbs that are near them.

-At the end of the chapter, you will have to chase after a Dog mech to save Trip. If you want to see an epic death scene, let the dog escape. It’s pretty brutal. Oh right. Orbs. There are a few orbs along the way and its easy to miss them if you are going fast. You may need to go through it a few times to make sure you get them all.

Chapter 10: The Titan Factory

-When you and Pigsy are racing to the top, there are several orbs along the way.If you are trying to win the race, go fast to get the trophy/achievement and then reload the checkpoint and climb up again to get the orbs you may have missed.

-When you are in the factory, dodging the gears, once you hop across the hydraulic pillars, you need to go left to a mask and orby goodness. If you have already gotten the mask, then you already have the orbs there. If not, get to it!