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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Tech Orbs Guide

Oh orbs.To put it plainly, thereare a $#!& ton of orbs in Enslaved.They're everywhere.Thankfully the majority of them are right in front of you and are hard to miss on your Odyssey to the West.For the remaining percentage of sneaky orbs, they are hidden well enough that it takes a keen eye to spot glowing ball of light.

For those new to orb hunting, there are a few things to remember. Whenever you go through a doorway, look behind you. As yawn inducing as it is, keep an eye out during Trip’s fly-by scans to spot stray orbs and if you see a branching path, take it. Chances are it will pay off. With those guidelines down, let the hunt begin!

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Chapter 2: The Old City

-Let’s start things off right with a load of hidden orbs. Head to the right where the escalators are and grab the gang of them back there. There will also be a place in here to wall climb up to grab a few more that are hiding back here.

-When you come to the ruined buildings where you learn to use your HEY button for the first time, there are plenty of orbs around. Hop down to the lower level once you reach the far end to nab a few as well as the upper level from where you first entered to grab a few more.Once you get past this part, you will eventually come to a large minefield. There will be many scattered about the area and many that are near the perimeter of the mines themselves.

-Once you get to the end of the mission, you'll fight a demolisher mech. When you are fighting it, there arelots of orbs around the area. Be sure to grab them all while you are running for your life andgetting the rest of the pickups in the area.

Chapter 3: The Metal Tower

-When you first start this mission, turn around and there will be a wholebunch of orbs behind you. The old "go the opposite way" trick works pretty good and will nabs you a bunch of orbs you would have otherwise missed.

-Just ahead of the mission start, you will come to three mechs that are relaxing. There is a single orb down in between them. You don’t have a choice but to take out the mechs to grab the orb.

-After Trip takes you through the security door and mentions you’re almost at the Metal Tower, there will be a gaggle of orbs on the platform the right and a couple hiding behind the crate immediately to the right. To get to the platform, head to the left side and climb up, then make your way across the pipes to the other side where the orbs are.

-Once you head back across the pipes, hop over to the platform on the left side and swing across the pipes to another platform that has some plasma cells and a single orb.

-After you take out the turret and go through the next security door, head down the stairs and as you drop to the ground, there will be another lone orb behind you.

Chapter 4: Wherefore Art Thou?

-Once you take out the first Electrical mech that appears and head back outside, you will be on metal platform. Make your way to the right instead of the left to grab a few extra orbs that are there and some more that are up a bit higher on other platforms.

-Once you make your off the collapsing sign and into the building, you will be in a room with three mechs on the far side. Drop down and there will be some orbs behind you in the back corner to grab, as well as to the left and then a few scattered around the area.

-When you are getting chased by the dog, there will be a few orbs to collect on the run. If you miss them, restart the checkpoint and try again.

-After climbing the stairs and the chandeliers, you will go down a hallway and drop. Look behind you when you drop to find some there.

-When you enter the theatre and dog is roaming about, there is a group of orbs to get right across from the green scaffolding. Unfortunately, to get there, you need to go through some hoops. All of the scaffolds need to be lowered but to do so, you need to raise the green one to get to the controls to lower the blue one. Once the blue one is lowered, head back to the controls for the green one to lower it again. Now head along the far side of the room get on the red scaffold and hop across to the orbs.