Enola Holmes 2 storms up the Netflix charts and everyone's loving the movie's messaging

Enola Holmes 2
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Enola Holmes 2 is proving a hit on Netflix, storming up the streamer's top 10 – and people are loving the movie's feel-good, feminist message. The movie sees Mille Bobby Brown's Enola starting her own detective agency and investigating the case of a matchstick girl's missing sister, with some help from her big brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and love interest Tewkesbury (Louis Patridge). 

"Enola Holmes 2 is such a great movie to me because I always see people think that if a female character has a love interest, she suddenly can't be powerful and independent anymore," a fan writes on Twitter. "This movie showed so many times that accepting love and support doesn't make Enola weaker at all." 

"One thing I love about Enola Holmes 2 is woman protagonist can be strong, smart, and independent while accepting the love of the man she loves," agrees another viewer. "She doesn't need to live alone to prove that she's strong. Love can make us stronger. Hollywood should write that down."

"What's great about the message of Enola Holmes 2 is it doesn't ever say a person is weak for having a supportive community around them," adds another fan. "Not just for Enola, but for her mother, Sara, even Sherlock – they're all stronger when they're with other people."

"Done watching Enola Holmes 2 this second movie is both great & satisfying. Brought the main issue of women's empowerment where they put Enola at as the main core with her working with Sherlock. Don't ask about Millie's acting because she can always be trusted. Love it!" says another viewer

People are also impressed by the Matchgirls' Strike plot, which is based on a true story: "Enola Holmes 2 is so beautiful. The women empowerment-centered plot made it more amazing the fact that the Matchgirls' Strike is based on real life. I love the twists and turns. Many social issues were well presented, especially politics. It's an all-around masterpiece." 

"Enola Holmes 2 centering around the Matchgirls' Strike made me so emotional," says this watcher. "Enola Holmes 2 is a fucking masterpiece. The concept of women empowerment and other social issues was well presented. All those plot twists and surprises were insanely good! My friends and I were screaming, laughing and sobbing! Satisfied and we loved it!" is another person's response to the movie. 

"Enola Holmes 2 was the most satisfying movie I've watched this entire year. The acting the plot the scenes the many times I've screamed and gasped. Just perfect," agrees this fan

Enola Holmes 2 is streaming on Netflix now. If you're all caught up, check out our guide to the best Netflix movies to fill out your watchlist. 

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