Enhanced PSP in the works?

Rumors are circulating that Sony is planning to bring out an enhanced version of its handheld console, PSP, which will have 8GB of NAND flash.

Flash memory is the preferred use of memory storage for many portable items as it doesn't require any power to store the information on the chip. NAND flash is a highly durable type of flash memory which offers very quick erase and write times, making is suitable for use with PSP.

Sony has reached an agreement with Samsung - who will be providing the hardware - and will start using the NAND technology in its new PSP. This will significantly lessen the amount that PSP will have to read off the UMD, and therefore allow for extended battery life.

Sony has not confirmed any of these rumours but, with Nintendo already launching a new DS, it would make sense for Sony to react with an enhanced version of its own handheld.

If this news turns out to be true it should be interesting to see if any cosmetic changes are implemented to make a "new" PSP a more attractive purchase.