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End of the line: The Division's queuing problem has been fixed!

The Division's queueing glitch (opens in new tab) was one of its more... interesting launch day issues. For some reason only one person at a time was allowed to interact with a certain NPC, causing huge bottlenecks as entire servers full of players waited in line. Now it's been fixed.

This what I had to deal with, for example when I first played the game:

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Following some overnight maintinance, this specific issue has been fixed. Here are the patch notes (opens in new tab):

Here is the list of changes implemented during the maintenance of Thursday, March 10, 2016:

• Fixed the Brooklyn safe house activation issue: Players no longer need to interact with the laptop to complete their activation
• Fixed missing roaming groups of NPCs in the Dark Zone
• Various server stability improvements

It's that first one that takes care of the queues, meaning that no one will have to line up to start playing anymore. Isn't technology amazing?

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Leon Hurley
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