Elveon - hands-on

The three elaborately armored Parthan warriors circled us menacingly. Known for allowing crippled enemies to make a final, desperate revenge blow, we knew just one of these three scar-covered monsters would be a terrifying opponent.

Slowly and deliberately they close in. But just as in real life, it is difficult for multiple opponents to attack a single target at once without interfering with each other - especially with their heavy long swords. Sensing our only opportunity, we spin our twin-bladed battlespear across the chests of two guards at once. Hesitating for a mere moment, they pay for their mistake by getting permanently sliced open.

Wheeling backwards to avoid the third Parthan, we halt his momentum with four well-timed blocks. Still spinning, we gamble on an aggressive counterattack with a desperate lunge. Our Aegan battlespear grimly (and satisfyingly) gives the Parthan his final scar. This particular battle is over... but the war for Elveon has only begun.

Elveon is the untold story of the Elven races, an epic journey of action-packed battles through a world with an unexpectedly elaborate atmosphere. Elveon owes its engrossing fantasy ambiance not only to state-of-the-art technology, but also a design team full of architects, artists, linguists and weapons experts. This is the next big thing in fantasy RPGs.