Eli Roth designs Hostel ride

Hostel director Eli Roth has confirmed he will design a maze based on his movie franchise for the Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood.

The Hostel: Hunting Season maze will feature as part of the Halloween Horror Nights experience and will recreate the Slovakian locations from the films.

"Creating a maze for Halloween Horror Nights is a horror fan's dream come true," Roth told Variety. "I've been visiting Halloween Horror Nights for years, and still remember the heart-pounding terror of going through the mazes for the first time.

Roth said fans will have a chance to experience their favourite Hostel scenes, along with “some new surprises”.

The director will also help judge the event's annual short film competition, with the winner being announced on the opening night.

The first maze to be announced for 2011 was The Thing: Assimilation, tying in with Universal Pictures' release of The Thing prequel movie in October. Previous events have seen Friday The 13th's Jason Voorhees wandering the bloody hallways and have included an attraction based the Saw franchise.

Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights event runs from 23 September to 31 October.