Elements of War’s most bizarre Easter egg

Meanwhile, the European Expedition Body (EEB), a coalition of Russian, German, and French military forces heads west to investigate the source of the world’s weather problems in America. There, they encounter the Ravens, a mysterious and hostile military force.

As the mystery regarding these new climate-changing weapons, known as “Elements,” unravels, these factions will clash during the game’s singleplayer campaign. Vehicles like the Aurora A1-TR can launch devastating tornados, the Tartarus can make the ground swallow enemies with earthquakes, and the F1-BL plane can light up the map by blasting infantry with fireballs.

From what we’ve seen, it’s doubtful that Elements of War will pull RTS fans away from the comforts of more well known series. Still, for a game from a smaller developer, it does sport decent visuals with a balanced mix of detailed units. Buildings are destructible and infantry can take cover in them. With no resource management and buildings to micromanage, Elements of War seems more in line with the likes World in Conflict and Company of Heroes when it comes to military RTS gameplay.

Above: An official trailer for Elements of War

The weather warfare gameplay is clearly Elements of War’s most promising feature, adding a bit of sci-fi flair to the usual military strategy affair. Seeing lightning storms and tornados tear through the map, makes it feel like you’re playing something unique. But just because something is different doesn’t always mean that it’s good. It’ll be interesting to see how Elements of War’s weather weaponry really feels once we’ve had some proper hands-on time with the game.

Feb 14, 2011