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Elderly The Last of Us 2 fans are looking for someone to teach them how to play

The Last of Us 2
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

A couple of elderly The Last of Us 2 fans are looking to hire a personal tutor to help them understand how to play the game. 

As spotted by @GenePark on Twitter, the wife of the elderly couple posted an ad to what appears to be Craigslist seeking a "PS4 Pro games tutor" in the San Jose area, USA. The job description asks for somebody who would visit the couple in their home and teach them how to play PS4 games, specifically The Last of Us 2 which they are "having trouble with."

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The job listing requires somebody who "knows [The Last of Us 2] and how to work the controller". They also need to be fully vaccinated and have a lot of patience. Perhaps most heartwarmingly, the couple asks whoever applies to "teach without judging us, without getting frustrated or irritated for 2 - 3 hours."

We’re sure many fellow The Last of Us 2 fans would jump at the opportunity to become the couple’s tutor, however one person who has shown a keen interest in the job, and is perhaps one of the most qualified to teach in such a subject, is actor Shannon Woodward, AKA Dina’s mo-cap performer/voice in The Last of Us 2. 

The actor not only replied to Gene Park’s tweet with "Gene how do I apply?" but also quoted the original tweet with the caption "I will literally do this." Not only has this story warmed our hearts but also reminded us how much of an impact Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic game has had on its fans, from those who are well versed in all things PlayStation, and even those who are new to the gaming world. 

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