Elden Ring saxophonist achieves legendary "hitless doot run" by completing the game without taking a hit

DrDreComposing via Twitter
(Image credit: DrDreComposing via Twitter)

The "world's first no-hit run of Elden Ring using a non-traditional controller" has been accomplished using an electric saxophone.

The "Hitless Doot Run" was accomplished earlier this week by streamer DrDreComposing, and the climactic moments seen below are spectacular to witness. The streamer obliterates Radagon of the Golden Order in just a few swings of their fists and doots on the saxophone, before facing off against the Elden Beast itself.

That boss was no match for the Hitless Doot Run either, absolutely getting its world rocked in well under 10 hits total from the streamer. Hell, DrDreComposing didn't even have to dodge a single attack from the Elden Beast - they just utterly wailed on the final boss of the game before it hit the ground, dead and defeated.

The nature of the Hitless Doot Run is a marvellous thing. We've seen dance pads aplenty from the Elden Ring community, and even one player using a controller and a dance pad at the same time to play two versions of the game side by side, but this is truly taking it to a new level.

It's worth noting the run from DrDreComposing is an "Any%" playthrough, meaning the streamer doesn't have to fully complete the game. They've missed out bosses like Mohg, Lord of Blood, for example, in their quest for the Hitless Doot Run. Don't get us wrong though - the Any% run doesn't detract from their achievement in any way.

In fact, we can even see the bosses the streamer has taken down on the right side of the screen. They've felled Margit, Godrick, Radahn, "Goldfrey," Morgott, the Fire Giant, the Godskin Duo, Maliketh, Gideon, Hoarah Loux, and finally the two bosses we're seeing in this clip.

Here's hoping we get a new wave of whacky playthroughs when the Elden Ring DLC eventually emerges from the shadows. 

If you're struggling with the Elden Beast, or any other bosses throughout FromSoftware's massive game, head over to our Elden Ring bosses guide for more.

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