Elden Ring patch 1.09 adjusts PvP combat, Ashes of War, and Colosseum matchmaking

Elden Ring
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A new Elden Ring patch is now finally here with new bug fixes and balance adjustments.

This morning, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco announced Elden Ring's servers would be undergoing maintenance for patch 1.09. Now though, everything's back up and running as expected, and Elden Ring 1.09 is finally available to download and install on every platform.

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There's actually a fair amount of PvP adjustments in patch 1.09. The power and grab angle of Inescapable Frenzy have been increased, and the skill power of Lifesteal Fist has also been boosted. There's a lot of decreases in other departments though, like the power of two-handed attacks, heavy attacks with fist and claw weapons, the power of the Founding Rain of Stars spell, and more.

As for general balance adjustments, there's now an extended invincibility window when respawning in the Colosseum. There's also increased attribute scaling for the Colossal Sword, Great Axe, Hammer, Fail, Great Hammer, and Colossal Weapon types.

Finally, there's a lot of changes for Ashes of War. Surge of Faith has increased projectile generation speed, Tongues of Fire has increased the guard speed and blocking amount of the skill, and the Shriek of Milos has increased close range poise damage. It's mostly increased adjustments for the vast amount of Ashes of War here.

There's also a grand total of 20 bug fixes in the new update, including many in the PvP department of the Colosseum update. Colosseum matchmaking has actually been improved, so now it should be easier than ever to find a nemesis to fight to the death with.

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