Elden Ring modders add Darth Vader to the game

Elden Ring
(Image credit: Xelerate / From Software)

Elden Ring meets Star Wars in this brilliant fan creation.

Darth Vader may be all-powerful in the Star Wars universe, but how does he fare in the Land Between? You can now find out with a mod that sees your Tarnished transformed into the famous Star Wars character.

Modders drs32 and XeIerate worked together to bring the Sith Lord into the world of Elden Ring, and the finished result is certainly impressive. Darth Vader's black suit, cape and helmet have all been faithfully recreated to make your Tarnished look every inch like the iconic villain.

As well as the Darth Vader look, there's also a lightsaber mod. Also created by XeIerate, this mod lets you tackle the foes of the Lands Between using the signature weapon. Pair this with Darth Vader's attire, and you've got the ultimate Elden Ring Star Wars crossover.

YouTube, user lolmetwice combined these two mods and opted to pit Darth Vader against Elden Ring's first major boss, Godrick the Grafted. And as anyone who's fought the ruler of Stormeil Castle will know, he's no pushover. But the force is strong with Vader, and he defeated the fearsome foe with just a few swings of the lightsaber. 

Additionally, XeIerate has created a double-bladed lightsaber. Available in six colours, this replaces Elden Ring's Godskin Peeler twinblade. And the modder isn't finished with Star Wars yet. They're now working on a Darth Maul skin which they plan to release soon.

Who will Darth Vader take on next? If it's Malenia, he'll now have an easier time as the Blade of Miquella's broken lifesteal attack has now been fixed.

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