Elden Ring is now easily FromSoftware's best-selling game ever

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Elden Ring has soared to 13.4 million sales in little over a month.

The new sales mark was revealed by Bandai Namco during an earnings call, which was published online earlier today on May 11. After launching in late February across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, Elden Ring has gone on to absolutely dominate as a brand new IP, now to the tune of 13.4 million copies sold around the world.

It's an absolute astounding sales mark for a FromSoftware game, let alone a game with a reputation for being deliberately tough. Perhaps it's the online co-op nature of Elden Ring that's appealed to so many players around the world, or maybe it's the overwhelmingly positive reviews that drew new crowds to FromSoftware's latest venture.

For a little comparison, Elden Ring now has virtually half the combined sales of the entire Dark Souls franchise (including Demon's Souls), which sits at a grand total of 27 million copies sold. As of July 2020, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice had sold a total of five million copies, meaning Elden Ring is on course to outsell Sekiro by three times over.

The new figure of 13.4 million sales means Elden Ring has put yet more ground between it and Dark Souls 3. Prior to Elden Ring's launch, Dark Souls 3 was the single best-selling FromSoftware game ever, standing tall at 10 million combined units sold, which Elden Ring far eclipsed with 12 million units sold earlier this year

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