EA Play Live: Every game trailer and announcement

EA Play Live (opens in new tab) brought with it announcements, reveals, and new, tantalisingly brief looks at next-gen gaming. But if you missed out on watching it live, or are just looking to catch up on the highlights from the show, then we've got you covered. From Apex Legends heading to Switch (opens in new tab) all the way through to Skate 4 (opens in new tab) being an honest-to-goodness real thing, this is every game trailer and announcement from EA Play Live.

Apex Legends on Switch 

Not only is Apex Legends getting cross-play, it's also heading to Nintendo Switch and Steam! On top of that, a new limited-time mode is coming called Lost Treasures. Check out the trailer for the new Apex Legends content above.

EA games coming to Steam

(Image credit: EA)

The first major announcement this evening was the line-up of EA games coming to Switch (opens in new tab), including The Sims 4, Dead Space 3, Titanfall 2, A Way Out, Unravel Two, Apex Legends, FIFA 20, and Battlefield 5.

 It Takes Two

Josef Fares, creator of A Way Out, showcased his new game (as well as himself) in this teaser, which revealed his third game will be a co-op action adventure platform that will be focused on a young child coming to terms with her parent's impending divorce. 

 Lost In Random 

Fe creator Zoink is back with another lovely looking adventure game, this time set in a creepy-cute world sitting somewhere between Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland. Ponytailed protagonist Eden teams up with Dicey to conquer a world terrorized by chaos, wielding the power of randomness in what looks to be a mix of third-person melee and shooting action. 

 Rocket Arena

The folks at Final Strike Games have turned Quake rocket jumping into an entire game. Rocket Arena, now a third-person shooter after a first-person launch, is all about using rocket-powered weapons and abilities to knock opponents skyward Super Smash-style, and it's launching July 14.  

Star Wars Squadrons  

After a run of cinematic teases, Star Wars Squadrons got a proper gameplay trailer tonight, offering an in-depth look at its many ship and mode types, pilot customization, and more. We also got a taste of the single-player campaign, which features two different playable characters.  

FIFA 21 and Madden 21 

It wouldn't be an EA showcase without a look at their EA Sports titles, but this year's had the added bonus of showcasing off the next-gen versions of FIFA and Madden. And as you can imagine, they look incredible, especially players who are almost indistinguishable from their real-life counterparts now.  

Next-gen projects: Battlefield 6, Need for Speed, Dragon Age 

EA has multiple next-gen games in the works across its stable of studios, and a handful were trotted out for brief teasers in tonight's show. First, a new Need for Speed from Criterion, which - like many next-gen games - is promising dramatically reduced loading times. Next, a glimpse at an ominous crimson environment from BioWare which can only be Dragon Age. Finally, we heard about a new Battlefield game from DICE capable of "epic battles at a scale and fidelity unlike anything you've experienced before."  

Motive New IP 

(Image credit: EA)

EA took the time to show off a precious few moments of gameplay from a brand new IP by Motive Studios. The footage makes clear that the untitled game is still in early development, but what we see is a third-person platformer where you fly around with a jetpack and move stuff using some sort of telekinetic power. EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele called it a "highly ambitious, innovative new game that puts the power and creativity in your hands" and "an experience that would've been impossible without next-gen technology." 

Skate 4 

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It's real, it's happening, although we didn't get too much about the game other than the fact that it exists. Still, in the year of our lord 2020, an honest-to-god Skate sequel is getting made.  

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