The most anticipated games of E3 2014

Persona 5

Why we're excited: If you havent already been sold on Persona 4s brilliance, we're afraid well have to break out some spoilers here to get you interested: There is a character who is literally a sentient bear suit. Not a bear. A bear suit, like, with zippers and stuff. He constantly says bear-related puns. Later, he grows a human body inside of himself. If the series' next entry follows suit with bizarre (yet engaging) characters, Persona 5 definitely needs to be filed under to be excited about. Period.

Will it be there? Theres a chance. As much of a cult favorite the Persona franchise has become in the West, its still a pretty Japan-centric series. Its confirmed for release in Japan at the end of this year, with a western release sometime in 2015. Atlus might want to show it in some capacity, but localization can take a long time, and they may not have anything prepared for the English version yet. And even if they do, they might decide they dont need to show it at E3. One can only hope.

Mass Effect 4

Why we're excited: A new Mass Effect title is indeed in the works, and with that knowledge there are so many questions we want answered. Who's going to be the main character? Will it be a prequel or take place after the Reaper invasion? What other types of skin tight space costumes are we going to get a close up of? You know, the important stuff. Whatever the situation may be, we're ready to dedicate dozens more hours to the start of a new trilogy.

Will it be there? EA has been talking for some time now about how a new Mass Effect game is in development. E3 is as good a time as any to formally reveal it. Some might say Bioware wouldnt want to detract from any Dragon Age excitement, but there's likely enough room for a Mass Effect tease to top off a Dragon Age presentation.

The Order: 1886

Why we're excited: We haven't ever seen a third-person shooter that was like The Order: 1886, because Victorian London with such a heavy supernatural vibe is hardly as prevalent as Afghanistan. You play as a member of the Order, a group of warriors that traces back to the time of King Arthur. You're at war with werewolves, everyone has cool codenames like Galahad, and the game looks absolutely gorgeous. But with little other information to go on, we're looking forward for the chance to learn more at E3.

Will it be there? Developer Ready at Dawn's CTO confirmed on Twitter that the game will indeed show up at E3 2014. Were hoping that means we will get to see a bit more of the actual in-game combat, and maybe a quick look at those elusive werewolves.

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

Why we're excited: What the hell is a pre-sequel, you ask? It's a game set between the first and second Borderlands entries, of course. This time you're playing on Handsome Jack's side, as he begins his rise to power and takes over the moon. The game is also set on the surface of the moon, giving you plenty of new skills and anti-gravity abilities to take advantage of.

Will it be there? There hasn't been any official word on whether or not the game will appear at E3, but we're going to say that it's more than likely to show up. The Borderlands Pre-Sequel is slated to release this fall, and E3 2014 is the perfect place to build the hype for the next wacky Borderlands' loot fest.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Why we're excited: We've been waiting for a full console release from the Kingdom Hearts series for years now. With the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 at last year's E3, we're ready to see some actual gameplay beyond last year's reveal. Weve noticed a few things have changed, too. KH hero Sora is a little older, the cartoony visuals are getting a boost on the next-gen hardware, and its rumored to have co-op play.

Will it be there? Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda confirmed in an interview with Japanese website Nikkei Trendy that new details on Kingdom Hearts 3 will be announced at E3. Hopefully the rumors are true and we will finally get the chance to reunite with Donald and Goofy.

Resident Evil 7

Why we're excited: Resident Evil 6 was, in some ways, a disappointment. It strayed too far from franchise expectations without offering up much in the way of innovation. But, narratively, it brought some exciting ideas to the table that would be interesting to explore in a sequel. And, hey, one blemish isnt enough to erase all the great Resident Evil memories, or sour us on the thought of a new one.

Will it be there? RE7 was a big rumor for E3 last year, but, frankly, rumors of the game popping up this June are a lot more sound. Capcom has presumably had plenty of time to get the new entry off the ground, and the publisher could certainly benefit from a new-gen showpiece. Expect an announcement.

What games do you want to see?

Those are the top 10 games we want to see at E3 2014, but we know that you probably have some personal favorites you're crossing your fingers for this year. Let us know what games you are most looking forward to in the comments below.

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