Dwayne Johnson shares first page of Black Adam script

Black Adam.
(Image credit: DC)

Dwayne Johnson has added to the buffet DC Extended Universe fans are still feasting on following Zack Snyder’s Justice League's recent release. Courtesy of a few cocktails, Johnson has shared the first page of the script for his long-awaited Black Adam movie. 

DCEU Fans and Johnson have waited nearly a decade for the Black Adam movie to start production. Finally, with the script in hand, literally, it appears filming could start soon. The actor/producer is very active on social media, so it was on-brand for him to read the first page of the Black Adam script along with a few glasses of tequila in the Instagram video. Check it out below,

Johnson is a bit of a tease, but this feels like a colossal morsel given how Black Adam has been in development limbo for such a long time. The Rock’s signature DC character is expected to make quite an entrance into the DCEU – with plans of crossing over to battle with Shazam eventually. Fans are also hoping Johnson’s Black Adam will cross paths with Superman for what should be a pretty epic battle on its own. Unfortunately, Henry Cavill’s future in the DCEU is currently unclear. 

The DCEU is no stranger to unclear futures, delays, and cancellations but has hit a stride with recent releases, including last year’s hit Birds of Prey. Following Justice League's lackluster box office performance, plans for crossover events came to an abrupt stop. However, now that the Snyder Cut has been released, maybe there is still a chance the studio will move forward with another ensemble movie. Solo films such as  The Flash and The Batman are still on the way. There is hope to be had, especially with the next installment in the DCEU, The Suicide Squad, set to debut on August 6. 

In the meantime, check out the available DC movies in order.

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