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Dwayne Johnson and Sam Jackson join The Other Guys

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's latest comedy The Other Guys just added a few more names to its cast list.

Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L Jackson have both signed on to play an elite cop duo whose amazing, adventurous work far outshines the lacklustre performance of Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg's fellow plods.

And that's not all - Steve Coogan has also joined the film, agreeing to play the scheming - but as yet unnamed - villain of the piece.

They're joining the likes of Eva Mendes and Michael Keaton.

With a script co-written by Land Of The Lost's Chris Henchy (settle down - some of us actually liked it), McKay is busy shooting the thing right now, ready to launch it next August.

Here's hoping it'll break Ferrell out of his rut.

[Source: Variety ]

Does it sound like solid comedy casting? Can Ferrell make another Anchorman-level classic?