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    Submitted by Christian Wizzard

Dungeon Keeper Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Erik B


    If you have a Human ( Avatar is best for this) then go in to him and go to your dungeon heart and destroy it, when done, go out of him and pick up all your creatures and drop them because they will kill them self in the Portal if not picking and dropping them. After that, all your imps will be dead and you loose all your ground except for the rooms, now you are immortal and have all your creatures and all your rooms
    Note that it doesn't work all the time and its best you use the Avatar( last level)

  • PC | Submitted by Sam (sam1@dolfijn.nl)

    9999999 $

    Goto the directory in wich Dungeon Keeper is installed, then let your computer search for all .txt files in the directories and subdirectories. Your computer will find a .txt file named level75.txt (this is not the only one) open level75.txt with notepad. If you look in the file you'll see a line:
    [ALL_PLAYERS_MONEY, 10000]
    If you delete this line (first make a copy of the file) and replace it with this lines:
    [PLAYER0_MONEY, 9999999]
    [PLAYER1_MONEY, 10000]
    [PLAYER1_MONEY, 10000]
    If you are a programmer and if you look in the other .txt files you can change the sequence of the doors and traps made in your workshop.

    P.S. This only works in the multiplayer option and only in the level you've changed.
    In this cheat its level75

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Programmer Greetings

    *Hold the LEFT SHIFT key while entering the following codes. Keep holding it until you want the show to stop.
    FECKOFF: programmer greeting 1.
    SKEKSIS: programmer greeting 2.
    *Start the game with the command line parameter -alex and then hold both shift keys while entering the following code.
    JLW: programmer greeting 3.

  • PC | Submitted by Steven.Messenger

    Various Cheats

    NOTE: This Code Reported Incorrect If you Know the Correct Code Submit it If this code Works/Doesnt work for you please Let Us Know! This Could be a version problem

    during game play press enter to enter cheats.A message sign will pop telling you to type the cheat.

    Cheat Description
    give me money infinity gold
    i love to die god mode
    extra levels gives all every level
    research now researches every room and spell
    creatures 2000 gives 5 of every creature

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    All creatures buildings and traps

    At the main menu type Please give all

Dungeon Keeper Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Horned Reaper

    First, get a temple, then, attract a bile demon, troll, and mistress. sacrafice them in the temple. you will hear" the gods have rewarded your offering!". you will also hear an explosion. to keep it happy, give it its full pay, keep it doing something and never get it pissed off, because it will fight with every one.