When will Dune 2 be on streaming?

Dune 2
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When is Dune 2 coming to streaming? For a certain percentage of the audience, that's the big movie question of the year as far as home viewing is concerned. 

Right now, we don't know the exact Dune 2 streaming release date, but there are plenty of signs and clues that point towards a rough release window for those wanting to take in the majesty of Arrakis from the comfort of their couch.

Frankly, it can't come soon enough. Dune 2 has already been compared to The Empire Strikes back - a comparison that director Denis Villenueve is humbled by. It also currently on a near-perfect score on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The hype, it seems, can't get much higher. We know you'll probably watch this in cinemas, but it's also something that demands to be experienced again and again in the months and years ahead.

Well, here's all we know about the Dune 2 streaming release date, as well as where it's likely going to stream in the US and UK.

When will Dune 2 be on streaming?

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The best barometer for the Dune 2 streaming release date right now is Barbie. The billion-dollar hit ended up on streaming a full five months after its July 2023 release.

Another Warner Bros. success, Wonka (also starring Timothee Chalamet), will be streaming on Max exactly three months after it was released in cinemas.

Taking its popularity and potential box office takings into account, Dune is probably going to fall snugly within the middle of the two. If that's the case, we wouldn't be surprised to see it appear four-to-five months after its March 1 release.

Need further evidence? The first Dune streamed on what was then-HBO Max five months after its cinema debut. We're pretty confident, then, in a late July or early August 2024 streaming release for Dune 2.

Will Dune 2 be coming to Max?

Zendaya in Dune: Part Two

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Dune 2 will be streaming on Max in the US. It is not coming to Netflix - but could very well appear on the streamer in a couple of years if the first movie is any indication.

Right now, we expect Sky and NOW TV to hold streaming rights in the UK, but don't expect that to appear until the tail-end of 2024 given the cadence of similarly big releases like Barbie and Oppenheimer on the service. 

Dune 2 is hitting theaters on  March 1. For more, check out:

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